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Frequently Asked Questions for Adults Only Discretion (

 Can I have multiple accounts?

No. Members are not allowed to have multiple accounts on the system.

Are profiles censored? Is there any limit to what I can put in my profile?

Yes. All member profiles, when they are originally created as well as when they are modified, must be approved by our webmasters. We reserve the right to refuse any profile or photograph that we feel is inappropriate for this site (which in this case covers any full face images which can identify a member visually). Also, we ask that you not put any personal information in your profile, including, but not limited to: your home address, a personal cell or telephone number, a personal e-mail address or web address. Any offenders of this rule will be banned from the website.
Profile photos policy:
Your photos can be uploaded immediately and are approved within 24 hours.
If your photo is not appropriate you will be notified within 48hrs.
How long does it take to have my profile posted?
Your profile is posted immediately and is checked within 24 hours.

What are important profile tips to remember?

The number of replies you get from other members will depend on the quality of your profile. Here are some useful tips that should help you:
Create a catchy title for your profile: When members search listings on the site, the title of your profile is listed next to your name. As a general rule, profile titles like "Hi!" do not catch people's attention, where as more personalized titles do. Think before you write: Feel free to write as much as you want in our sign-up pages. Tell other members about yourself, your likes and dislikes, things you enjoy doing, what line of work you're in, what your personality is like, even your hopes and dreams. The better your profile describes you, the more likely it is that others will read and respond to it. If you can't think of anything right away, you can always add more later. And don't forget to fill out the Matching Criteria section - this will also help other members get to know you better.

How do I change my personal information?
Changing personal information is extremely easy. If you would like to update the information about yourself that you submitted during registration, write a new heading and description for your profile as well as editing main criteria for your matches just go to My Profile and click the Edit links to edit any part of your personal information; save it by clicking the Submit or Save button.

What are personal settings?

Your "Personal Settings" is accessible on the My Profile home page. Personal settings enable you to:
Change your email address
Create a new password

Change your language settings
Hide/show your Profile
Turn off/on updates and special offers sent to you by email Can I change my username?
We do not encourage users to change their username.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password on the Account Info page.

What if I forgot my username or password?

If you have forgot your username or password you can have it emailed to you by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link on the login page, enter your email address and it will be mailed to you!

How do I delete my profile?

You can delete your profile by sending a cancellation request to the Members Support team at terminate your membership or simply delete it under the menu item.


How do I hide my profile?

You may hide your profile - or photos - from other members. If you no longer wish your profile to be viewable on the site, simply follow these instructions.
Access your “My Profile” home page. Click on "Hide Profile" link at the top right.


What are your matches and how do I use this feature?

This feature allows you, as a member of the website, to describe the type of person you are interested in. Our site will then notify you via email of new members who match your interests.

What is the "Block List" feature?

While reading or replying to messages in your Mailbox or viewing members profiles you will have an option to add members to Block List. Once you have added someone to your Block List you will not receive any notifications, e-mails, or other correspondence from that particular member unless you remove him or her from the Block List. This feature helps you monitor your contact with people you don’t really have a connection with.

What is the New Profiles list?

By clicking New Profiles on you’re My Profiles page you can view the list of members who have just joined the site, and catch them while they are fresh and new!
This list includes trail and full members who recently joined the dating community.

What is the "Favorites" feature?

You can add all of your favorite users and friends to this list. You can add a user to this list by clicking on the Add/Remove from Favorites icon on any user profile. Clicking it once will add them and click it again to remove them from the list.


Payment Information

We advise you to save the payment confirmation e-mail that you receive after you have purchased your membership which contains your payment reference. This information is important if you shall have problems with activation.
How long does it take to get my membership activated?

Normally our membership plans are activated instantly. But if your encounter any problems within 24 hours, please contact our customer support department with your username and payment reference. Some payments require customer confirmation because of our anti-fraud policy.

How can I cancel my subscription(s)?

There are two ways to cancel your subscription(s):
Send a cancellation request to the Members Support at department at any time, and we will cancel the subscription for you and you will remain a member until the end of your current paid membership period. Include your member ID, your first and last name and reason for your cancelation.
How do I search for members?
By changing or adding to your search criteria, you can search our database from your profile home page. You can modify your search criteria at any time and your personal search options will automatically save these changes.

How do I send an e-mail to members?

You can send e-mail to users by clicking the button Send Message on that person's profile or listing. Simply type in your message and click the "Submit" button.


How do I receive e-mails from other members?

There’s nothing for you to do to receive an e-mail sent to your account. If someone responds to your profile we will forward the message to your personal email account. When you reply to the message, we automatically forward it to the person who responded to you. In this way, neither person finds out the other person's email address without consent.

How do I recognize scammers?

Scammers can come in all forms who pretend to seek love or sell you something. They can try by writing you sweet e-mails saying how much in love they are and how much they want to meet you in real life. NEVER EVER GIVE MONEY or your personal information until you have known someone for a reasonable period. For further information on scamming we suggest you visit . This site runs an excellent database of past and present Scammers, with good advice on what to avoid.


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