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2016 and Beyond

~~Dear Valued Supporter


As we get closer to an end for 2015, we thought it appropriate to advise of all changes heading our way for 2016 and beyond.
We are proud to announce that our offshoot AOdirect will be launched this coming Friday 11th December 2015. Over a year has gone into #censored# planning and we see #censored# opportunity in #censored# market to provide a quality item for low investment.
As of Friday #censored# site can be found at and we are always welcome to any suggestions out there. Please also like our Facebook page which is AOdirect.
2016 will see a complete revamp of AOdiscretion with a focus on ease of use and a vibrant format, and we will keep all advised as to #censored# progress.
On behalf of all our staff, we wish you and yours a safe and Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year and thank you for your valued custom and support.


If any member comes across a message advising that they are unable to login due to spam, could you please take a screen shot and email to or

Thank you


This site will not tolerate under any circumstances any form of harassment. Please note that some members have private pictures that are password protected, and any publication of that picture in a public forum is a breach under Terms and Conditions 6.1.2 and also #censored# Australian Privacy Act. As such member surftraveller has been deleted from this site for exposing pictures in a public place without #censored# consent of #censored# individual in #censored# pictures.

Valentine's Day Prize

~~Let's kick 2015 off with our first incentive, and have Valentine’s Day as #censored# theme. #censored# rules are simple. #censored# member with #censored# most Valentine Gifts from members and friends will be declared #censored# winner. As a bonus, a members’ friend that has #censored# highest average score with a profile picture (minimum 50 votes) also will receive #censored# same prize. One prize for females, and one for males, four (4) prizes in total. Where will #censored# member end up with their prize????
Usual rules apply. #censored# winners can only be Platinum members. If a non Platinum member wins then by default #censored# next placed winner(s) who are Platinum will be awarded prize. Winners announced on February 14, 2015 and counting starts immediately.
AO Discretion supports those who support AO Discretion. Good luck and happy Gift sending.

Top 20

#censored# following members qualified for an upgrade based on having a picture in #censored# Top 20.

Ozinuk, Sarahg, Agent99, Playtime, Kimmee, Smoothcat1, Tess, Surfergirl, Foxy, Fun4me, Geebung, RTR1198S, Seahawk, Bayman and Queenie.

Congrats to all

Top 50

All members who have a picture that is rated in #censored# Top 20 will have a (1) one month Platinum Membership awarded to them. This will be credited on #censored# first of each month and a minimum of 100 votes to qualify. So get your friends voting for you!

Las Vegas

My destination is a few months... any ideas on what to do...

What would you do ladies?

What you do ladies if you found him in your bathroom?

Germany to Win...

Who do you think will win #censored# Final?

1st Anniversary

As part of our first anniversary celebrations over #censored# next week, all memberships from today until May 31, 2014 will have their time doubled. Thank you for supporting us.